Friday, July 24, 2009

I hope he's living with Elvis somewhere

Did you hear that Michael Jackson died? I almost missed that. Was it highly reported? Seems he died the same day as Farrah. All kidding aside, I am surprised at how sad I am about it. He was a weird one for sure. And there were a lot of allegations against him…and I’m a firm believer of the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” saying. However, he was never convicted and the courts did prove that the family that accused him were only after a payday. But again, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But he was, IMHO a musical and marketing genius. He took his talent and totally exploited it using the new media that was MTV. He took the simple idea of a rock video and totally used it to his advantage and he succeeded. Boy did he!! It’s strange to know already that no one album will ever outsell “Thriller”. In today’s day and age, with P2P filesharing it just won’t happen. I think at last count “Thriller” has sold something like 4 hundred-thousand-bazillion copies. And it is one of only 3 albums that I know of to ever achieve “diamond” status for sales in the US. The other two are the Bee Gee’s soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever and Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet. RIP MJ…there will never be another like you.

Rock on.

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