Sunday, July 26, 2009

DAM BBQ and (Special) Olympics

Today is going to be a great day!! We are holding the 1st Annual Giggle Dam Family BBQ & (Special) Olympics. The venue has changed three times now due to fire restrictions in parks and is now being held in Mark and Sheila's backyard...and on their new deck...Mark has a large "Man-B-Q" where there will be steaks, Tandoori Chicken breasts, wings, hot dogs and Lord only knows what else a-cookin'...I've made a pasta salad and Cassie has made a cake...the food will be a-plenty as will the drinks I'm sure! Employees and family/friends have been divided into 3 colour-coded teams and there will be all sorts of "games" as each team garners points and works toward being the first to be awarded the soon-to-be-much-coveted "Beaver Cup".

I have no idea what the games will be but I will give a full report and post results (and hopefully some pics) soon. I do hope there isn't Lawn Darts Jeff Foxworthy says "you catch one of those with your head and you'll be getting colouring books for Christmas for the rest of your life"...

Rock on.

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