Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Listing the Lists of Listings

You've all (both of you) probably noticed that I haven't actually posted a blog in quite a while. It's not that I have nothing to say, it's just that....well, okay I have trouble thinking of topics to blog in those cases, I guess I have nothing to say. Nothing anyone would want to read about anyway. Now, those that are friends with me on Facebook know that I love lists. Top 5 Albums of all time, 100 Things About Me You Never Knew, 25 Firsts...things like that. I love them and I love to read others lists as well. So I have decided that when I have nothing to blog about, I will write a list on here. They could range from meaningful, ie: 15 Things I'd Do If I Were Prime Minister, to completely silly, ie: 1,000 Reasons I Collect Penguins..(there's only one reason: they're frickin' cute!).
So you have been warned. The lists are coming.
Rock on.


Lanette said...

Use your BlackBerry to keep track of things you want to write great.

J-Rock said...

Yeah, I tried that...but then I forget to check it lol! And when I do I'm never around to blog it..